A warm welcome to the Carers Cafe

We have created this little haven especially for unpaid family carers offering them connection, community and the freedom to be themselves.

We look forward to meeting you in the Carers Cafe.

The Carers cafe is perfect for you if:

  • You are feeling lonely or isolated
  • You feel no one understands your situation
  • You lack the time or energy to get out and socialise
  • You want to show up on your list of priorities
  • You want fresh ideas on how to take care of yourself
  • You want to hear how others balance a happy life with their caring role

Imagine if you could:

  • Connect with a community of carers who understand your pressures and challenges
  • Go to a place that is about you instead of about the person you care for
  • Find new ways to relax and enjoy life
  • Say yes to yourself more often
  • Face up to the daily challenges knowing there is a network of support to lift you up and celebrate your successes


The carers cafe offers all this and more!




Hello I am Christine, your host inside the Carers Cafe.

Not so long ago after years of working alongside carers I became a carer myself. As we all do I put on the 'carers goggles' as I call them, which give you tunnel vision allowing you to focus all your care and attention on your loved ones needs. They are really helpful, until that day you take them off and realise that you have given up so much, friends no longer offer their company as you are always too busy and your health is suffering as you neglect to take care of yourself.

Luckily for me my husband made me stop and see what was happening, yes with all my knowledge even I still fell down the rabbit hole, most of us do. So I have created this space so I can say to you STOP! Take off those goggles and let me help you to stay connected to others, reconnect with who you are and take care of yourself.

Because you are important too!

Christine x

Here is what you can find inside the Carers Cafe

Live cafe

Live online Carers Cafe

Take a break and chat to other carers from wherever you are. Bring your own coffee and cake.

The Carers Voices podcast

The Carers Voices podcast

Listen to other carers share their stories, their words of wisdom and having a little fun along the way.

Private facebook group

Private facebook group

Share your challenges, celebrate your wins and get your questions answered.

The Notice board

Notice board

Keep updated on events activities and opportunities for carers.

Bite size training

Bite size training

Helping you to learn how to take care of yourself.

The online course

The online course

Access to the 2 month online group training course.

What carers are saying about the online courses

C Baker
S Overton
E Turton

Carers Cafe C.I.C is a not for profit organisation, where profits are poured back into the business to build even better services for unpaid carers

If at any time you feel you are able to make a donation to help support the growth of the Carers Cafe C.I.C the please do so, we are grateful for any amount big or small.

If you feel you can make a more regular donation on a monthly basis then you can do that too.

So join today and ditch the isolation, guilt and stress and replace it with our amazing online community. Join us from anywhere you choose, at a time to suit you and on which ever device you choose computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

When you join you get access to:

  • The Zoom room for live video conversations where you can chat with other carers, just like going into a cafe but you bring your own drink and snacks
  • The private Facebook group if you prefer to connect through written messages. You can join challenges, ask Christine and the group questions and celebrate your successes
  • The bite size online bundles of courses to help you to take care of yourself
  • Access to the Fine to Fantastic Course
  • Podcasts where you can listen to other carers tell their stories and share their wisdom. You also get the opportunity to create your own
  • A notice board full of useful information
  • A hassle free way to connect to others without all the planning for time away from caring, and the extra costs like fuel, bus fares or parking charges, you also get to easily leave and return if something pops up that needs urgent attention, we know what that is like sometimes life just gets in the way

About your host in the Carers Cafe


Christine is a mum, a wife, a life coach and a carer. She worked with carers for over 20 years in her previous role in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist and she now works with them as a coach, having supported and trained hundreds of carers in the Wakefield area.

Her sessions run in conjunction with Carers Wakefield and District, help unpaid carers to prioritise themselves and their own self-care in order to be the best carers they can be.

The course has been recognised as good practice and cited by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services as being an effective intervention for implementation of the Care Act 2014 as it applies to carers.

Christine is now taking her community and her training online to reach as many carers as possible and you will find it all here inside the Carers Cafe.



I want you to be sure this is the right place for you, so here is what this space is not:

  • A space to be shown how to care for your loved ones
  • A way to access professional services
  • A service providing financial or benefits advice
  • A space for you to freely promote and sell your services to other Carers