Hello, I am Christine Edge and I create the carers cafe following the Covid 19 pandemic when carers including me, lost almost all face to face contact with family, friends and services. I created it as a place to reduce isolation, to provide support and community, and to help carers to take care of themselves. A space where carers can be themselves, without judgement, with other who know and appreciate how hard being a carer can be.

I am a mum, a wife, a life coach and a carer. I love to bake cakes, to dance around the kitchen to Elton John and more recently I have turned my hand to crochet.

I have worked with carers for over 20 years in my previous role in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist and now within the Carers Cafe. I have supported and trained hundreds of carers in the Wakefield area to take care of themselves, set boundaries and achieve their goals. I now want to offer support to carers from all over the UK via the Carers Cafe.

Christine Edge


Hi everyone I am Deirdre Linnane and one of the directors here at the Carers Cafe C.I.C. I am originally from Northern Ireland but have been living in England for the past 35 years.

I have a passion for flower arranging and love my garden, and have worked for the NHS all my life. I am an Occupational Therapist by background and now am Head of Therapies managing OTs, Physios, and Dieticians, Speech therapists and Orthotists and Podiatrists. This gives me a wealth if insight into different profession and a more holistic view of peoples health needs. Having worked in spinal injuries I recognise the importance of carers and the difficult dynamic of being both family members and carers for those they love. I believe that if we better support and take care of our carers they will be better equipped to look after their loved ones long term.

I bring with me to the cafe experience of managing people and services along with applying for external contracts and funding. I am looking forward to seeing the service and its community blossom and grow.

Deirdre Linnane


Hello, my name is Jackie Stephenson. I am a wife, mother and doting grandmother and a carer.

I have been a carer for over 20 years for my mother and my son and love to relax by making patchwork quilts.

I live in the North East and worked for the NHS for 15 years as a data analyst before retraining to become maths teacher. I currently volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

You can find me most days in the Carers Cafe.

Jackie Stephenson


Hi everyone I am Joan Hanson and one of the directors of the Carers Cafe C.I.C.

I am a working mum who loves the outdoors. You can find me most weekends cycling, climbing a mountain going for a run.

I’ve worked for the NHS for 30 years within a variety of different services, the current role is in the north east. My role involves working alongside carers to support older individuals with mental health issues including those with dementia to leave hospital as quickly and as safely as possible to support their wellbeing.

I look forward to helping support and develop the Carers Cafe as it grows and evolves.


Joan Hanson